The Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention

The Office of Faculty Recruitment and Retention (OFRR) provides assistance to faculty search committees in all nine colleges on recruitment and hiring. The OFRR further serves as a resource for the recruitment and outreach of diverse candidates including maintaining a job referral database. We collaborate with our university partners to help support and address issues relating to outreach, search processes, hiring and onboarding, as well as the retention of faculty.

Our goals include:

  • Recruit the best and brightest and most diverse talent.
  • Build networks to help diversify faculty applicant pools.
  • Begin the process of building meaningful relationships.
  • Provide best practices in recruiting, hiring, and retaining faculty across discipline areas.
  • Provide guidance in targeted outreach to doctoral scholars as well as junior and senior faculty.
  • Convey RIT's sincere commitment to diversity.
  • Assist in preparing scholars for future employment with RIT.

Our office is located on the first floor of The Wallace Center.


  • Future Faculty Career Exploration Program (FFCEP)
  • Search Committee Materials
  • Join our Faculty Job Referral Database


M. Renée Baker
Executive Director