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Media Services provides captioning support for faculty.

RIT has established guidelines for captioning media to ensure that RIT creates an educational environment that is accessible to all learners. We can caption media in a variety of formats. We will work with faculty to convert and deliver their media in a way that works best for their students. We have experience captioning a variety of media ranging from DVDs to new media products such as Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate.

If your students are producing media for classroom presentations they should review our student captioning page.

Department of Access Services

DAS provides interpreting, notetaking, and real-time captioning (C-print) services to the RIT community so that all members can enjoy full access to communication.

Access services enable more than 650 deaf and hard-of-hearing RIT students to register and fully participate in roughly 23,000 credit hours annually in more than 200 highly competitive academic programs. Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing students alike use access services to communicate with each other in a variety of extra-curricular activities associated with student clubs and organizations, entertainment and sports events, and RIT programs and services. 

Disability Services

The Disability Services Office at Rochester Institute of Technology is committed to providing students and faculty/staff with disabilities equal access to programs, services and physical facilities at RIT. We strive to foster an environment where students and faculty/staff with disabilities are welcomed, valued and respected.


Student Rights & Responsibilities

An excerpt pertaining to RIT's Accessibility Policies
  • It is the responsibility of the student with a disability to identify himself/herself to the Disability Services Office after they are admitted to RIT. Students with a disability, which has been verified and documented by a qualified professional, are entitled to receive accommodations approved by the coordinator of Disability Services.
  • It is the students' responsibility to discuss their accommodation needs with the appropriate faculty and personnel after they have signed a Notice of Accommodation letter with the coordinator of Disability Services.
  • Faculty members do not have the right to question the nature of a student's disability. All disability information is kept in the Disability Services Office and is not available to anyone unless authorized by a signed release form from the student.
  • All students are expected to work to their full potential and students with disabilities are not excluded from this expectation. Students are expected to commit themselves to professional excellence, personal integrity, and ethical behavior and demonstrate this commitment in their academic and professional conduct.
  • To see the full listing go to the RIT Student Rights and Responsibilities page.

For further information contact:

Susan Ackerman
Phone: 585.475.6988 V/TTY
Fax: 585.475.2215

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