Adobe Captivate


What is Captivate?

Adobe Captivate allows faculty to develop software simulations, on-screen based activities and scenario based learning content. The Captivate interface allows material to be created using a slide based or timeline based authoring environment. The software can capture content from the screen, record keyboard interactions and allow content to be text annotated or voice narrated. PowerPoint, video and audio files can also be imported into Captivate. Like Adobe Presenter, Captivate provides simple mechanisms for publishing and tracking content on the Adobe Connect server.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Recording asynchronous lectures that can be reviewed by students repeatedly
  • Integration with Adobe Connect allows for simple distribution and tracking of lecture material
  • Add personalized voice and perspective to online learning material
  • Simulations and screen captures allow students to visualize a complex process or set of instructions
  • Scenario based presentations allow students to step through and interact with learning material designed to help teach soft-skills


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