Media Services

The Academic Media Services team provides faculty with a range of production services to enhance their classroom and online teaching. Services provided include captioning course media, creating course related videos and developing multimedia based course content. The Academic Media Services group also has facilities and staff to help faculty create their own multimedia course presentations, such as voice narrated slide presentations and software demonstrations. We can subsidize most of the media faculty are looking to create for their course. We will work with faculty and instructional designers to develop the best content for a course and to determine how much of a project we can subsidize.


RIT has established guidelines for captioning media to ensure that RIT creates an educational environment that is accessible to all learners. We can caption media in a variety of formats. We will work with faculty to convert and deliver their media in a way that works best for their students. We have experience captioning a variety of media ranging from DVDs to new media products such as Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate.

If your students are producing media for classroom presentations they should review our student captioning page.

Video Production

Our team produces video for use in credit-bearing RIT courses. The production process includes consultation, recording, editing, captioning and compressing for distribution. Projects include guest lecturers, lab demonstrations, student presentations and special course-related events.

Custom Multimedia Development

We use a variety of tools and techniques to build and deliver multimedia for education. We work side-by-side with faculty to select the appropriate tools and design activities that best fit the courses learning objectives. The projects that work best for multimedia development are those that have concepts that cannot be effectively recorded to video. Our team has built educational games, simulations, visualizations and SCORM compliant learning objects.

Requesting Captioning and Course Media Production

Requests for media production or captioning for a credit-bearing course can be made at

Please contact us with any production questions or ideas you have for creating media in your course.

James Foley

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