myCourses Semester Template

A myCourses shell designed to get you started creating or organizing course content for a semester-long course is available.

While the shell has been developed for online courses, it can be used for on-campus and blended courses as well.

This shell contains:

  • An introduction module containing typical syllabus content divided into short topics, with text that you can customize
  • 17 weekly modules containing a Weekly Plan
  • A mid-course assessment in Week 7
  • Three different course home page designs to choose or customize

To copy the Semester Template into your myCourses course, you must register yourself into the course shell:

  1. Click on the Self Registration link in the upper right of your myCourses Home Page.

myCourses Self-Registration link

  1. Click on the course title Semester Course Template (copy only).

  1. Click the Register button on the confirmation screen. You will be added to the shell course as Course Copy Access, and will see find it under a tab for that role on your home page.

Once registered, you can copy the Semester Course Template into your course. For instructions on copying course elements, see

Remember to copy the template into your course! Do not change the shell itself!

Having trouble? Contact Academic Technology Support at 585-475-2551.

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