Teaching Elements

Teaching Elements are just-in-time, web-based resources for faculty to explore and innovative teaching practices and academic technologies in their courses.

Each Teaching Element contains research, best practices, and practical implementation advice related to a pedagogical model (Practice) or an academic technology (Tool).

Tool: Adobe Connect
Adobe Connect
A technology for collaborating over the internet in real-time.
Tool: Wiki
A wiki is simply a website that allows individuals or groups of collaborators to rapidly add or change its content.
Practice: Classroom Assessment Techniques
Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)
Timely assessment for informed teaching.
Practice: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning
Practice: Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning
Tool: Classroom Response System
Classroom Response Systems (Clickers)
In-class audience-polling technology
Practice: Peer Instruction
Peer Instruction
Students examine their own and their classmates’ reactions to and analysis of content.
Practice: Flipped Classroom
Flipped Classroom
Students view lectures online and classroom time is used for activities.