TLS Media Lab: Camtasia Studio

What is Camtasia Studio?

Camtasia Studio is an application that records desktop images, webcam video, audio.  It also provides a robust set of editting tools so that the finished videos can include transition effects, text callouts, and other engaging media components. Faculty can use Camtasia to create simple videos on their desktop for use in flipped or online classes.

Videos can include:

  • Webcam recordings
  • Presentations
  • Tablet/whiteboard talks
  • Software demonstrations
  • Websites
  • Documents

What are the benefits?

  • You can use Camtasia to make videos from anything you can display on your computer screen or record with your webcam
  • Camtasia provides you with intuitive editing tools such as cut, split, paste and the ability to add callouts such as text, arrows, and other shapes.
  • Camtasia saves files as MPEG4 (MP4), the preferred format for mobile devices.
  • You can upload videos to the Ensemble video server for student access and captioning.


Using Camtasia to Create Class Videos

Camtasia identifies a region of the screen and records the visual information in that area, along with audio from the microphone, the system, or both.  It also includes a powerpoint plug-in to easily record voiceover powerpoint presentations.

Before recording

  • Create or plan your visual components ahead of time. Make sure they illustrate clearly the content you want to explain.
  • Create an outline of what you will say.
  • There are more tips for creating class videos here.

Three popular camtasia recording options

For instructions on how to caption and upload your recordings visit this page.