TLS Media Lab: Captioning & Uploading Video

Prior to using the TLS Media Lab, you should have completed the Media Request form and received an upload link for submitting your videos. 

  1. Use the upload link that was provided to submit your video for captioning and hosting on ther RIT streaming video server.
  2. After you upload your video, send a message to notifying the staff that you have uploaded a video.
  3. If you want to retain a copy of your original recording, be sure to take all your files with you on a usb drive or other media as the studio computer erases temporary files on a regular basis.

Your uploaded video will be available to students almost immediately in the content area of myCourses. If you have any questions about where is appears or how to have your videos appear in a different location contact,

The video captioning will be completed within one week. You do not have to make a special request to have the video captioned---it is part of the service.