TLS Media Lab: Interactive Pen Display

What is the interactive pen display?

The instructor can "draw" directly on the computer monitor using a stylus. While it is possible to draw with a mouse, drawing with a pen-like artifact is easier for most people.  The use of the interactive pen display can be combined with recording software such as snagit to create whiteboard lectures.

What are the benefits?

  • You can use the interactive pen display to create whiteboard lectures
  • Standard PowerPoint presentations often lead the instructor to move too quickly, and to put too much material on each slide.  Recorded whiteboard lectures move at a slower pace and give more presence to an online lecture.
  • At the bottom of your digital whiteboard you can always add more space
  • You can change pen colors, widths, and even add images while you draw.

Adjusting the Display

Use the Stand Adjustment Lever on the top back of the display to lower it into a horizontal position to facilitate writing.

Pen Controls

Drawing using Microsoft Onenote

  1. Launch Microsoft OneNote from the desktop icon
  2. Create a new section
  3. Enter a title above the date and time
  4. Click the Draw menu
  5. Select your pen style, color, and thickness
  6. Begin drawing using the pen
  7. Erase using the eraser end of the pen

Narrate and record your drawing

  1. Launch the Snagit application
  2. Follow the Snagit instructions to configure the recording window
  3. Launch Microsoft Onenote
  4. Click the View Menu and select Full Page
  5. Postion your Onenote window within the snagit frame
  6. Click the record button within snagit

Caption and Upload your recordings

For instructions on how to caption and upload your recordings visit this page.