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Getting Ready for Summer Research with a Better Understanding of NVivo


Wednesday, April 30, 2014
9:45am - 12:00pm


WAL - Wallace (05),
TLT Studio (A400)

Event Contact

Anne Canale


Kelly Martin

This event has already occurred and, therefore, can no longer be registered for.

Do you work with NVivo qualitative analysis software? Do you have specific questions about the user interface? Do you want to learn more about the NVivo analysis tools? Would you like to see how other qualitative researchers are using NVivo to answer their research questions?

An NVivo trainer from QSR International (Americas) Inc. will be conducting a training webinar at The Wallace Center to answer your questions (submitted in advance) such as, how can you effectively use NVivo for collaborative projects? What are the best practices for exporting data?

If you would like to attend, register, and then submit your detailed questions to Kelly Martin, assistant professor, CLA at This session is not an introduction to NVivo but intended for researchers currently using the software or considering the software who would like specific questions answered.

Who should attend:Faculty/researchers currently using the software or considering the software.

Hosted by Faculty Career Development Services.