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Getting Past 'Should': Using Collaboration to Achieve Scholarship Goals


Thursday, October 16, 2014
12:00pm - 1:30pm


SLA - Louise Slaughter Hall (78),

Event Contact

Cheryl Herdklotz


Sharon Cramer
Jan Stivers

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Getting Past 'Should': Using Collaboration to Achieve Scholarship Goals

Feeling stuck, unable to make headway on scholarship goals?  Does time for writing seem to disappear from your schedule?  When an article is rejected, does revising it languish on your to-do list? If you answered yes to these questions, join us for a workshop that will show you how academic writing partnerships can enable you to change your writing habits.

This interactive workshop, based on a recent publication[1], will enable participants to become specific in identifying what they want/need to advance their scholarly pursuits, find a scholarship partner, structure the project, and nurture the collaborative relationship to build for future success.

The presenters, who have collaborated long distance on articles, chapters, and a book[2], will share their insights on joint scholarly endeavors.  They will also give examples of how serving as informal resources to each other on independent projects helped each of them move forward. 

This session will enable you to develop new skills and enthusiasm. You will find out how the scholarship experience, when shared, can stop being a dungeon of guilt.  Instead, academic scholarship can be newly associated with candor, humor, celebration, and measurable results.

This event is hosted by Faculty Career Development Services, The Wallace Center.


Sharon F. Cramer, PhD, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Emerita, was a faculty member at Buffalo State College (1985-2011). Her interests included many aspects of faculty development, including leadership and scholarship.

Jan Stivers, PhD, Professor, Marist College, has been a faculty member at Marist College since 1980. Her scholarship and publications center on special education teacher development and teacher collaboration in inclusive K-12 settings.

[1] Stivers, J. & Cramer, S. F.  2013.  Academic Writing Partnerships: The DIY Version. Academic Writing:  Individual and Collaborative Strategies for Success, Ed Neal, ed.  Chapter 5, pps. 43-52, Stillwater, OK:  New Forums Press.  (Also published as an article within Journal of Faculty Development, 2013, 27(3), 1- 6).

[2] Stivers, J. & Cramer, S. F. 2009.  A Teacher's Guide to Change: Understanding, Navigating, and Leading the Process. Thousand Oaks, CA:  Corwin Press.