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PLIG Focus Track: Learning Analytics


Wednesday, December 3, 2014
2:00pm - 3:00pm


WAL - Wallace (05),

Event Contact

Jeremiah Parry-Hill


Jeremiah Parry-Hill

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Learning analytics is one of the focus areas for the 2015 PLIG cycle.

This casual Q&A discussion brings together faculty who think they might have an interest in this topic, but aren’t sure what types of data is available for analysis, or would like help envisioning potential projects. 

  • According to the 2014 NMC Horizon Report, “Learning analytics research uses data analysis to inform decisions made on every tier of the education system, leveraging student data to deliver personalized learning, enable adaptive pedagogies and practices, and identify learning issues in time for them to be solved.” 
  • Simon Buckingham Shum notes: "Micro-level [learner-level] analytics support the tracking and interpretation of process-level data for individual learners. This data is of primary interest to learners themselves, and those responsible for their success, since it can provide the finest level of detail, ideally as rapidly as possible. Researchers are adapting techniques from fields including serious gaming, automated marking, educational data mining, computer-supported collaborative learning, recommender systems, intelligent tutoring systems/adaptive hypermedia, information visualization, computational linguistics and argumentation, and social network analysis." (
  • Smaller sets of data are permitted in this PLIG focus area. The scope of a proposal may be on the order of a single course or a few courses.
  • For further background, please see:"

Faculty may propose projects that involve program-level outcomes, but we believe they will be more likely to propose studies at the scale of individual learners in a course.

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