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CREW presents 20/20 Research in Focus-Bridging the Gap; sponsored by the Saunders College of Business


Tuesday, February 6, 2018
3:30pm - 5:00pm


CPC - Campus Center (03),
2610-Bamboo Room

Event Contact

Karen Pannoni


Sara Schley
Moumita Das
Poornima Padmanabhan
Archana Jain

This event has already occurred and, therefore, can no longer be registered for.

Moumita Das, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, School of Physics and Astronomy
TALK: A multi-scale understanding of tissue mechanobiology-bridging the gap Biological tissues sense and respond to their environment via mechanisms at the molecular, cellular, and macrosopic scales.  I and my students use multi-scale  models to explain how mechanical stresses are sensed and transmitted in cells and tissues, and how these processes impact tissue dynamics, properties, and biological functions in health and disease.

Poornima Padmanabhan, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
TALK: How do we reverse engineer across length scales? Bridging the gap through modeling.  Through chemistry, it is possible to tune interactions at the molecular level, but predictive knowledge of how that affects structure and function of materials across multiple length scales is not easy to obtain directly from experiments.  Molecular modeling can bridge this gap and simultaneously provide information on one and thousands of molecules, insights from which can be used to rationally design materials.

Sara Schley, Ed.D. Professor, RIT/NTID
TALK: Bridging the Gap between students and faculty: Student Mentors and Improving Access and Inclusion Diverse classrooms can present challenges for access and inclusion:  If students rely on an interpreter they cannot simultaneously watch projected video or written information; if students have different communication abilities and preferences, it can be difficult to conduct collaborative activities.  This talk will discuss a model of using student mentors to inform classroom pedagogy.

Archana Jain, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Finance
TALK: Bridging the gap between fundamental value and asset price with input from pessimists. Description: Short sellers, investors with the pessimist view, help in bridging the gap between the fundamental value of an asset and its market price when it is overvalued.  I study the regulations around short selling activity, market efficiency in presence of short sellers, and determinants of short selling activity.

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