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Teachers on Teaching ACT: David Simkins and Using Role Play to Contextualize Critical Thinking in the Classroom


Thursday, April 5, 2018
11:00am - 12:20pm


WAL - Wallace (05),

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Rebecca Johnson


David Simkins

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Join David Simkins, assistant professor in Interactive Games and Media, for a discussion about the effective uses of role play in classrooms. Commonly used in pre-service and ongoing training in fields as diverse as social work, medicine, emergency response, and military preparation, its applications are much broader. 

Role play is a form of experiential learning that engages contextualized critical thinking in practice. Good role play creates learning opportunities, enhances uptake, encourages ongoing engagement, creates opportunities to put critical reasoning into practice, and improves comprehension of complex topics. It is particularly useful when teaching how to participate within complex systems. 

If you have used role play in classrooms, have thought about using it, or simply want to learn more about an innovative technique, join us for this guided conversation and learn techniques and best practices for applying role play across disciplines and practices.

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