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Hugh Dubberly: Concept Mapping for Understanding Complex Systems


Thursday, April 12, 2018
9:30am - 11:00am


BOO - James E. Booth Hall (07A),
University Gallery

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Rebecca Johnson


Hugh Dubberly

This event has already occurred and, therefore, can no longer be registered for.

Dubberly studied traditional Graphic Design at RISD and Yale. His early professional work began in marketing communications. During his tenure as a Creative Director at Apple, he began to work on projects in which the computer was both tool and medium. Over time, he transitioned to UI/UX design, becoming VP of Design at Netscape and in 2000 opening his own consultancy, designing software and product-service systems. 

His transition mirrors a larger shift in design practice from a focus on the form of objects to a wider concern for the complex adaptive systems in which products participate. This shift in practice requires new methods and new tools. Finding ways to understand and represent systems has been a focus of Dubberly's work for the last twenty years.

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