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Teachers on Teaching ACT: Teaching Critical Thinking--A Modeling Approach


Monday, December 3, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm


WAL - Wallace (05),

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Rebecca Johnson


Robert Barbato

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Please join us for the Fall 2018 Teachers on Teaching Applied Critical Thinking seminar led by Bob Barbato, Professor of Management in Saunders College of Business. Here, Bob describes his approaching to teaching ACT: "Students can acquire and improve critical thinking skills from observing those behaviors in a role model.  As an instructor, I am often that role model.  In order to model critical thinking skills, I often create situations that allow me to behave as an exemplar.  During this session, I will use examples to share some of the classroom techniques that result in modeled critical thinking skills that students can then practice."

Bob Barbato is a Professor of Management in the Saunders College of Business. His primary teaching and research interests are in the areas of business ethics, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. In addition to his teaching responsibilities at RIT, Bob has taught or lectured in Kosovo, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, South Korea, Ethiopia, and England.