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Faculty Promotion: External Letters and Research Statements


Friday, May 3, 2019
2:30pm - 4:00pm


LOW - Max Lowenthal Hall (12),

Event Contact

Cheryl Herdklotz


Sara Schley
Carol Marchetti

This event has already occurred and, therefore, can no longer be registered for.

This interactive session is for faculty preparing promotion packages to full professor and covers preparation of materials for external reviewers. 

How do you best prepare materials for external reviewers and identify potential reviewers?  Get a copy of a colleague’s promotion package (or a portion, such as their research statement). We will not share these with each other. We can discuss what we learned from reviewing someone else’s statement:

  • How well did they sell their work?
  • Were there interesting strategies/formatting used?
  • Were there things you thought could have been done better?)

Contact at least one potential external reviewer (some of you have already had to complete this!). We will share strategies for selecting the reviewers and our experience with the process. Did they say yes? What does the university policy say regarding external letters?  Bring with you information from your college policy. 

Pre-session Homework:  Identify what you want external reviewers to write about – are there specific areas that would be best addressed by different people?  Bring an exemplar promotion package from a colleague who was recently promoted.  Also, bring the university policy AND *your* college policy on promotion to professor.

This is the third of three workshops that will be offered on faculty promotion open to all faculty: 

Hosted by Faculty Career Development in the Innovative Learning Institute, the Promotion Package Prep (P-Cubed) group,  P&T Smarts, and AdvanceRIT.