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Teachers on Teaching: Hinda Mandell and Kelly Martin on Zines, DIY Exploration, and College Curricula


Wednesday, February 26, 2020
12:30pm - 1:30pm


WAL - Wallace (05),
A650 (Teaching and Learning Services)

Event Contact

Michael Starenko


Hinda Mandell
Kelly Martin

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 Zines, DIY Exploration, and College Curricula

What the heck is a “zine” and what role does it play in the college classroom? In this Teachers on Teaching session, School of Communication faculty Hinda Mandell and Kelly Martin discuss how they deployed “zines” in six of their classes over three years, and offer student responses to these vibrant learning activities.

Zines – with a long history in American publishing – are personal, anti-consumerist publications that offer their creators the opportunity to produce material without the constraints of gatekeeping. What’s most exciting about integrating zines into course curricula is witnessing student excitement as they produce an authentic, hands-on and visual artifact that connects personally and directly to the classroom materials and lived experience of students' lives.

Mandell and Martin were recipients of the 2019 Innovative Teaching with Technology Award for their collaborative work with zines.


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