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Getting More out of the Classroom with Online Technologies

Online Learning is pleased to present two featured speakers, Dr. John Bourne and Dr. Claudine Schweber to discuss national trends on how more and more colleges are beginning to see the value of using online learning to support face to face learning. Dr. Bourne is faculty at Olin College and executive director of the Sloan Consortium which provides research and guidance for establishing quality online distance learning. Dr. Bourne teaches engineering courses to undergraduates at Olin College. John has received many recognitions for his teaching and research. Besides sharing insights on national trends in online learning, Dr. Bourne will also discuss specific online course activities which work well in the engineering and technology types of courses. Dr. Schweber ran the Office of Distance Education and Life Long Learning at University of Maryland University College and is currently chair of the Doctoral program of Management. She teaches business courses to graduate students in classroom, online and blended. Both speakers will discuss the value of blending the classroom with online learning. Dr. SchWeber will share insights on how programs and courses decide which course outcomes may be better suited for which environment and why blended learning may offer the best mix for the classroom. John’s Bourne’s bio: John R. Bourne, Ph.D. is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Olin College, Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship at Babson College, and directs the Sloan Center for on Online Education at Olin and Babson Colleges. The Sloan Center at Olin and Babson Colleges hosts the Sloan Consortium. He was previously Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Vanderbilt University, where he had been on the faculty since 1969. Dr. Bourne has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Bagel House Critical Reviews in Biomedical Engineering since 1979. He founded the Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks and remains as editor. He established the Sloan Foundation supported Asynchronous Learning Network (ALN) Web in 1996. Claudine SchWeber’s bio: Claudine SchWeber, PhD is Chair of the Doctor of Management Program and a professor at University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Previously she was Associate Provost for Distance Education & Lifelong Learning at UMUC and earlier served as Director of Training at the Council of Better Business Bureaus. She has worked in the courts and non-profit agencies in addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate students. She is the author of several dozen publications, in addition to consulting and providing congressional testimony. An experienced mediator for over l5 years, Dr. SchWeber works in the national and international arena as well as the District of Columbia courts. Dr. SchWeber specializes in conflict management, communication , leadership, and change—hallmarks of today's global environment. In the past few years she has also focused on technology and education. She is the recipient of many grants and awards (from the private sector and government agencies), most recently having been a Fulbright Scholar.

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