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Mid-Quarter Survey and Peer2Peer evaluations in myCourses

myCourses offers two tools to help with feedback on your course and your student's work, the Mid-Quarter Survey and the Peer2Peer evaluation tool.

The mid-quarter survey is a way for faculty to collect anonymous feedback on their course at a point in the term when they can still address concerns. They can help highlight issues you might not have been aware of, or misconceptions you might want to take a moment to clarify in class. The myCourses survey tool is a great way to offer this survey to your students and Online Learning has a sample survey you can easily import right into your course to use.

The online peer evaluation tool, peer2peer, can be used to allow the members of your groups to evaluate the performance of their teammates as well as their own performance if you wish. The instructor can view the results of the evaluation and can choose to allow student to also view the ratings they received from other group members. peer2peer can be a helpful tool when evaluating the performance of a group on a specific project in addition to the actual materials submitted.

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