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RIT Island Grand Opening

Come to the Student Alumni Union Lobby on Wednesday, Dec. 10 from 11AM to 1PM to view the RIT island and certain RIT teaching projects in Second Life. Numerous computer stations will be manned by faculty & students to explain their projects & teaching experiments. There will also be a four-sided projection system allowing people to “immerse” themselves in the virtual world of Second Life.

Second Life is a virtual world on the internet. Through customized avatars, users can spend money to purchase virtual goods & services, visit countless “islands” by either walking, flying or teleporting, and experience situations that simply are not possible in the “real world”.

For the past year, the Online Learning department at R.I.T. has been building an “island” in Second Life. It includes virtual representations of various campus buildings, meeting areas and science experiments that simply are not possible in the real world, yet have real-world applications.

And at Noon on Dec. 10, R.I.T. Provost Jeremy Haefner will cut a “virtual ribbon” on the island. He will be there in person, and as an avatar in Second Life. See you in person, or “in world!”

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