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myCourses Attendance Tool and Intelligent Agents

This webinar introduces two new myCourses features that are in development by the vendor: The Attendance tool and Intelligent Agents.

The Attendance tool allows the professor to track attendance, instead of creating an attendance category in Grades. You can also track different attendance groups, such as a class that has lectures and labs.

Intelligent Agents allow you to setup “agents” that will monitor certain course conditions, and send out messages when those conditions are met. For example, you can have an email sent to you if a student has not logged into the course for a period of time, or you can set it to email students who scored low on a midterm to alert them to coaching or tutoring opportunities.

Join us for an introduction to these tools and help us provide feedback to the vendor to shape their development.

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Friday, December 19, 2008 Ken Kindler Event Recording