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7/23: First Journal Launched on Bepress

We have been busy this summer setting up and learning our new (and very improved!) journal management system, hosted by bepress. 

This professional-grade system:

  • Manages article submissions, peer review and the editorial workflow
  • Enables far more customization in terms of site design
  • Performs regular automated system updates
  • Optimizes search engine discoverability
  • Enables sophisticated tracking and measurement tools, including AltMetrics
  • AND provides unlimited customer service (countless forgotten password emails are a thing of the past … YAHOO!)

The Journal of Interactive Humanities (JIH) – Elizabeth Goins (Editor-in-Chief)
JIH, the first RIT Open Access journal hosted by bepress launched July 10.  When you visit the site, you’ll notice that it looks a little empty at this point. The peer review process will begin next week and the site will be populated with content for its inaugural issue by fall.

JIH supports the inclusion of interactive media, including video clips.  Bepress allows for any file type to be uploaded and streamed directly from the journal homepage.  Awesome!

The Journal of Applied Packaging Research – (Changfeng Ge, Editor-in-Chief) is on the horizon to be launched shortly.  Stay tuned …

If it isn’t obvious, we’re beyond excited about the possibilities that this new system offers!

2/20: New article published in JSESD

A new article, "School Activities in Natural Sciences for Students with Special Needs in Bulgaria," published today in the Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities.

2/1: JES on iTunes

The Journal of Environmental Sustainability, Issue 1, is now available in ePub format at the iTunes store.  Check it out!  Search: Journal of Environmental Sustainability.

The SPS is currently in the process of creating ePub versions for all of our journals.  Check back for updates when new publications are released!

12/21: JES Launch: Issue 2

Announcing the launch of volume 2 of the Journal of Environmental Sustainability. Please check it out!

12/1 - 2/28: JIH: Call for Papers

The NEW Journal of Interactive Humanities has issued a call for papers. View the details about the call and register with the journal to submit a paper.

Please contact with any questions!

10/23: JSESD: New Issue Launch!

Announcing the launch of volume 16 of the Journal of Science Education for Students with Disabilities. Please check it out!

7/12: Join us on Facebook


We are pleased to announce a Facebook group for the Scholarly Publishing Studio.  

Our Facebook group will be a source for news and information, and an additional avenue to stay connected to the initiatives taking place for Open Access at RIT, and across the globe.  We welcome your comments and questions about open access and the services of the Scholarly Publishing Studio.

Please consider joining our growing community!


6/20: New RIT Open Access Journal, RIThink

RIThink supports a virtual multidisciplinary conversation about the practical and theoretical issues of our time. The journal brings together scientists, researchers, experts, and students in an open academic discourse of innovative ideas, both tested and untested.

A open CFP will be announced soon.

2/22: Call for Papers: The Journal of Environmental Sustainability

Journal of Environmental Sustainability

Special Issue on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Professions for Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

The aim of the Journal of Environmental Sustainability is to advance understanding of environmental sustainability in order to serve as a bridge between academic and practitioner communities and guide policy and management practice to achieve environmental sustainability. The breadth of environmental sustainability is so broad as to provide a role for all professionals.

Special Objectives of this Issue

The focus of this issue is to investigate how professionals in an organization’s various functional areas may be prepared and positioned to contribute to moving toward a more sustainable future. Papers are welcome from all professions including but certainly not limited to: Environmental Management, Facility Management, Human Resources, Legal Affairs, Marketing, Manufacturing, Occupational Health and Safety, Product and Process Design, Purchasing, Operations, and so forth.

The Journal seeks papers that explore how one or more of these professions are contributing or may contribute to moving an organization toward environmental sustainability. Submittals are welcome in the following categories:

  • Research: articles presenting the results of original research.
  • Synthesis: articles presenting new understandings constructed from previously unconnected elements.
  • Case studies: articles presenting practices exemplifying relationships
  • Insight: articles presenting new ways of looking at existing concepts or practices by providing new perspectives or challenging underlying assumptions.
  • Vision: articles exploring plausible alternatives for the future


Visit the Journal:

Learn more about submitting a paper: How to Submit a Paper to JES

11/30: Issue 4 of the Journal of Applied Science & Engineering Technology Published

The Scholarly Publishing Studio at Rochester Institute of Technology publishes the Fall 2011 issue of The Journal of Applied Science & Engineering Technology (JASET). This is the fourth issue of the journal. JASET includes topics in the combined domain of engineering, technology and applied science and focuses on solving technical problems in the spirit of “Scholarship of Application” as described in Ernest L. Boyer’s landmark work, Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate. In summary, the Scholarship of Application disseminates results from the application of technical knowledge to consequential problems.

More information is available on the journal website.

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