You can tell your story

Jessica was only 27 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Working with RIT Press, she has been able to share her candid medical journey.

Jessica Lieberman’s book, Becoming Visible, is a strikingly personal documentary of her medical journey with cancer. While undergoing treatment, Jessica was stunned to learn that while dozens of medical images of her were being taken, she was forbidden from capturing her own. Armed with cameras hidden under her clothing, she emerged from treatment with a collection of photographs documenting the experience. As she prepared her narrative for publication, however, she discovered that her visual mode of storytelling fell outside the bounds of traditional notions of scholarship shared by most academic presses. “Becoming Visible is both artistic and academic and those don’t usually belong together,” says Jessica. Of the presses who expressed interest in the book, only two were equipped to honor the multidisciplinary aspects – and one was right here at RIT. “RIT Press combined rigorous peer review with forward-thinking that truly transcends traditional boundaries. Having this venue for such an intimate and honest piece has been crucial to my personal and professional journey.”