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Museum studies students Allison Thompson and Jean Pietrowski never imagined they would have the opportunity to curate an exhibit on their own.

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A co-op at a company as large as JetBlue can be downright scary. But thanks to his prior experience, Tyler Ashlin nailed it.

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As Jessica Kramer has discovered, a volunteer experience can impact the volunteer as much as those who are helped.

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Jessica was only 27 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Working with RIT Press, she has been able to share her candid medical journey.

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For Josh Owens, making the right connections has helped him communicate his students’ achievements, build his brand, and even have a little fun!

News & Highlights

Cary Graphic Arts Collection Joins Virtual Reality

Funded by a grant from Rochester Regional Library Council, the Cary Graphic Arts Collection is creating a proof of concept for the Virtual Cary Collection. It will allow a researcher using a virtual reality system to enter the Collection and interact with a 3D model of a 17th-Century English hornbook in ways that would not be possible with the physical artifact. The goal is to add more virtual artifacts and integrate the Virtual Cary Collection into classes at RIT, enhancing the research and teaching experiences supported here in The Wallace Center.

New Faculty Welcomed at Power Reception

President David Munson and Provost Jeremy Haefner welcomed RIT’s new faculty cohort at the annual Power Reception held in their honor at The Wallace Center on Friday, September 15.  Every year, Faculty Career Development brings together new faculty with campus leaders to promote conversation and connections.

New Book Celebrates Alumna and RIT's Rich History

A new book explores the life and work of alumna Jeannette Klute, a groundbreaking figure in color photography who rose to become a visual research photographer and lab supervisor at Eastman Kodak. Jeannette Klute: A Photographic Pioneer was written by professor Therese Mulligan and published by RIT Press. With full color photographs and personal papers from the Jeannette Klute Collection held at the RIT Archives, the book illustrates Klute’s commitment to her work using the Dye Transfer process that was developed at Kodak.

Shopping Bag Exhibition Explores Design and Function

A new exhibition at the Cary Graphic Arts Collection examines the design, function, and visual impact of shopping bags from the 1960s to today. Famous designers including Andy Warhol, Yoko Ono, and Keith Haring designed some of the bags on display, part of a collection of nearly 1,200 bags donated by J. Scott Patnode last Spring. This collection includes shopping bags from museums, boutiques, food service, and more, using a variety of manufacturing and printing techniques — making it an excellent teaching tool for students across many disciplines at RIT.


Dec 11
DeStress Fest: Therapy Dogs
WAL - Wallace (05), 1st Floor
11:30am - 1:00pm
Dec 11
DeStress Fest: Coffee Break
WAL - Wallace (05), 1st Floor
5:00pm - 8:00pm
Dec 12
DeStress Fest: Tea and Scones
WAL - Wallace (05), 1st Floor
9:00am - 11:00am

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